Working With A Closeout Company

closeoutcompanyI wanted to expand a bit more about the types of things you should look for when choosing a company to handle your overstocks. Again, I want to say that I believe in competition. At DVA, we have to earn our stripes every day with our customers. But having been in this business over 25 years, I’ve seen a lot of people have bad experiences before they come to us. So, from someone who knows…here are a few things to ponder when you are choosing a company to work with on your closeouts and inventory issues: -Make sure the company you work with will take all of your inventory. Continue reading

My Book: How to Plan, Produce & Distribute Your Independent Film

As you may know, I’ve been in and around the home entertainment business for 20 years. I’ve seen the industry change a lot in that time. Over the years, many people have asked me: How can I get my film on the shelves of Walmart? Well, I’ve finally taken my knowledge and assembled it into book form. HTPPDYIFI’m excited to announce that my book How to Plan, Produce & Distribute Your Independent Film is now available on Amazon. Before I get too far I have to credit my co-author Eric Sherman. Eric is a writer, producer and film consultant with years of experience in the entertainment industry. He’s also the author of numerous other books about the film industry. What Eric and I tried to do in this book is provide a practical guide for filmmakers who want to get their films distributed. This book comes at the film industry in a bit of a unique way: from the end first. If your end goal is to get your film into stores and onto streaming services, this book will be of interest to you. This book probably isn’t for people who want to make the next Avengers. But if you are interested in making a smaller movie and devising a distribution strategy for it, you may want to take a look. We cover the history of the home entertainment business from the advent of VHS up to the present day where streaming and downloads are on the rise. We’ve also got some great interviews with major players in the industry including people from Netflix and some of the studios. Continue reading

Overstock Fun in the Sun

People always ask me what business is like here at DVA. What do you guys do? What’s a typical customer or deal like? The short answer is that every single deal we do is different and we work with every individual customer in a different way. Here’s one story that gives you some idea: About five or six years ago, I got a call from a bankruptcy attorney. He had a client who was going out of business and had some product that he wanted to move into another channel. I said, “Great. What is it?” “Suntan lotion. Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion,” he replied. “Hmmm…okay. I think we can do something with that.” Continue reading

What Does Hurricane Sandy Mean for Retail?

Hurricane Sandy was a huge disaster that disrupted people’s lives and had a major effect on economic activity in the Northeast region of the country. Retail sales were off by .3% in October according to the Commerce Department – primarily as a result of the storm’s effects. ( The reasons for this are obvious: people’s lives in the region were turned upside down. Nobody went shopping for the “normal” things in life – groceries, household items, entertainment, etc. Continue reading