The DVA Management Team

Brad S. Kugler, Owner & CEO

Brad started his career at DVA, Inc. in 1991. He learned the business from the bottom up, working in the warehouse, sales and marketing, accounting and purchasing divisions to get a hands-on understanding of each department. His consistent success in each area of business led to his rise within the company. He was promoted to the executive division and eventually took the helm. In 2006, Brad and his brother Ryan, who serves as President of DVA, Inc. purchased the company and are Co-Owners.

Brad’s foresight and expertise were critical in the successful launch of DVA, Inc.’s websites,,, and He was also responsible for the establishment in 2003 of a new special markets division to service niche clients. Brad and Ryan Kugler built DVA, Inc. up to over $20 million in revenue annually, with offices in Clearwater,Florida and Los Angeles, California.DVA, Inc. has been an honoree on the INC 5000, Gulf Coast 500 Largest Businesses, Tampa Bay 200 Largest Businesses, and Tampa Bay 50 List of Fastest Growing Businesses in the area, to name just a few.

Brad serves as the Chairman of the Career Education Board of the Pinellas Education Foundation, working closely with educators and administrators to enhance and improve educational opportunities in Pinellas County. He also serves as a Board member of St. Petersburg’s Sunscreen Film Festival, lending his experience and relationships in the film industry to support the Tampa Bay cultural landscape. Brad is an avid photographer and travels the globe as official photographer for many local charities and non-profit organizations.

Nathalie Manecchia – Vice President, Operations

Nathalie joined the DVA, Inc. team in 2003 in the e-commerce division, with a strong background in marketing and public relations. She was later promoted to the executive division and worked directly with the CEO and Founder for over 10 years, learning all facets of the business. During this time she received a hands-on education in the wholesale and liquidation business, from the warehouse floor to the sales and marketing divisions to the accounting department, which gives her a 360-degree view of the organization.

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Nathalie was raised in Los Angeles and Tampa Bay.

Carol Kurak – Vice President, Sales

Carol joined the DVA, Inc. sales team in 2010. From the beginning, her attention to customer service and strong understanding of the specific product needs of our customers distinguished her as a leader on the team. She now oversees all wholesale, library and pallet sales out of our Tampa Bay offices. Originally from New Jersey, Carol is a mother of three and is very involved in various volunteer activities in the local community.

Jim Grimes – Vice President, Warehouse Operations

Jim is from central Pennsylvania and has over 30 years of experience in warehousing and logistics, with over 20 years alone in managing wholesale and liquidation warehouse operations. Jim’s particular interest has always been superior quality control, and he brings this focus to his position in charge of our warehouse team in the Tampa Bay area. A father of two, Jim is a car and motorcycle enthusiast and has a particular knack for creating and implementing solutions and systems of the highest quality.

Marina Di Bello – Retail Manager


Marina is from Jersey City, New Jersey and moved to the Tampa Bay area about 25 years ago. She has over 35 years of experience working in customer service, and she owned her own retail business for 23 years. We were very fortunate to add her to the management team of DVA, Inc. in 2012, and she assumed the position of Retail Manager in 2013. She brings her decades of retail and customer service experience to her work and enjoys making sure that each customer has the best experience possible.