Sales Up? Sales Down?

827166_78358810Buried in recent media reports on the economy of are some key promising figures – good news and great news. The Good News: micro markets and impulse buys are currently growing trends. The Great News: in-store impulse buying is growing and even beating out online impulse buying. What this all means is that while the stores are having their overall troubles, the type of consumer buying that matters most to you is showing a strong & growing trend. The consumer product marketplace is volatile, and is giving vendors & retailers nothing but uncertainty. Those with stores dug into the ground will be sweating for the foreseeable future. But, you’re not them – you have products, not stores. You have the freedom and flexibility to have your product in different stores, and go to where the sales are. There is still all of that uncertainty, but you have more latitude to navigate it over the very retailers carrying your products.

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