Buying Inventory

DVA specializes in buying excess inventory, closeouts, and overstocks from companies and moving them into secondary channels that don’t interfere with our customers’ primary sales channels.

We pay cash for our purchases from you.

We want you to come to us with product that you are no longer interested in selling through your normal channels. In most cases, we’ll have a quote for you within 24-48 hours. We handle all logistics and movement of your inventory. Learn how it works.

We are interested in purchasing any excess inventory or overstocks you might have, regardless of size – from as little as 2,500 units to 5,000,000+ units. We even want your product for which the license has or is about to expire. We are also interested in having an ongoing relationship, where we purchase product on a regular basis, every month or a few times a year.

Anything and everything we purchase is bought on a one-way basis, as-is, hassle-free, with no returns. When we make an offer, we always intend to buy all you have of the item.

We never interfere with our customer’s sales or marketing efforts. We adhere to mutual agreements resulting in no channel conflicts. We are not competition. We provide a valuable service to our partners. Many of our customers have worked with us for many years.

Our mission is to provide you with a valuable service, buying your excess inventory, overstocks and closeouts and helping your business’ bottom line.

The Benefits of Selling Unwanted Inventory to DVA:

  • Generate immediate cash flow on under-performing inventory, eliminating losses.
  • Free up valuable warehouse space to make room for product that’s performing, keeping your inventory current and profitable.
  • Unload odd-lot quantities of many skus, customer returns, or other hard-to-move items.
  • Go green: Rather than destroying your unwanted inventory or sticking it in a landfill, let us move it for you!

Selling Inventory

DVA also provides the services of supplying inventory and selling it to our customers when they need product. Whether these are special buys, opportunity buys, or in and out promotions, we can find what you need – fast!

Whether you need 25 units or millions of units, DVA can help you find the inventory you’re looking for. Since we’ve been in the business for so long, we’ve got a wide variety of connections and sources to obtain almost any type of inventory you might be looking for. If you need something fast, try us first.

Because of the volume of product we handle, we can either sell you product that we have in stock or attempt to find what your are looking for through our wholesale and retail sources.

If you need assortments, specific products for a promotion, or seasonal items, we can provide it. If you need the product pre-packed, stickered – whatever your needs, we can provide this service to you, hassle-free. We can also facilitate or handle movement of the product and storage as necessary – plus any merchandising, displays, or ticketing needed.

Currently, we sell product to most of the dollar discount chains, mass merchants, and a variety of retailers.

If you are interested in browsing some of the inventory we currently have available for purchase, please go to or

Contact us today and let us know what your needs are. We will deliver!

Returns Processing and Fulfillment

Because of our logistical capabilities, DVA can process returns for your company easily, and we offer this as one of our services to our partners.

In this capacity, DVA will act as your returns depot. Any items that customers want to return will come directly to DVA’s warehouse. We specialize in consumer electronics, with a refurbishing team with over 60 years of experience in the business. But we also have the capabilities to test, repackage, and repair virtually any consumer goods and make them ready for sale or liquidation.

DVA will provide a detailed list of how the goods were returned, what needs to be done, the cost to refurbish – as well as a liquidation price. DVA will charge a small, negotiable handling fee for these services.

If refurbishment in chosen, DVA will do the job for a negotiable fee. From this point DVA can hold the item for relisting on the retailer’s website and will handle the shipping to the new buyer directly. Retailers no longer have to worry about the labor of refurbishing and reshipping – all while still seeing profit on the item.

What’s the benefit here? If you don’t want to be known for selling used or refurbished goods, DVA can do it. Both parties win: We split the revenue and keep you clean of secondary goods.

Additionally, we can do your fulfillment of your goods and services YOU offer for sale online. We pick, pack and ship for a growing number of local, domestic, and international product lines. Our prices are reasonable and our facility is conveniently located in the southeast US. Let us know your needs and see if we can help you keep the business of marketing and selling your products, while we handle the fulfillment.

Contact us for more information about how we can help with your return and fulfillment needs.

New Product Evaluation

DVA has over 27 years of experience in the retail marketplace. Over the years, we’ve gained great insight into how the retail business works and what it takes to for a product to succeed at big retail chains.

We’ve developed a service in which we pass this knowledge along to companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, inventors, and others who would gain great value from our insight and experience. We call this service Retail Product Evaluation.

If you’re an individual or a company with a product that you want to take to retail, our Retail Product Evaluation should be your first step.

    Here’s what you’ll get with our service:

  • A custom analysis of your product’s viability in the retail marketplace.
  • Competitive overview of similar products (both new and old) and how they’ve fared at major retail chains.
  • A chain-by-chain breakdown of the retail market and how they’ll view your product.
  • A how-to guide for interviews with retail buyers – what to expect and what they want to see.
  • A personalized report on your product that you can use during your product development process to get further funding and finalize your business plan.

    You’ll also get information on:

  • Licensing Deals
  • Patent and Trademark
  • Product Testing and Certifications
  • Negotiating Retail Placement and Promotions
  • Manufacturing and Prototyping
  • Fulfillment, Returns, and Slotting Fees
  • Local Sourcing and Minority Business Programs