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DVA is a German multinational company whose mission is to develop high quality agricultural solutions for farmers in Argentina and all over the world. We produce and market crop protection, plant nutrition, plant bio-stimulants and special adjuvants for sustainable agriculture. Operating in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, we focus our efforts on the specific local needs of farmers, whether in terms of product composition, application, digitalization or practical practices such as package sizes. With over 50 years of experience, DVA is also active in non-agricultural sectors such as health, nutrition and plastics.

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DVA Argentina is the local name of DVA. It has everything necessary to grow: a wide portfolio, local development and its own production plant in Pilar, province of Buenos Aires.

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Innovative crop solutions help farmers around the world to grow their crops more efficiently. DVA develops tools and products to fight the biggest problem that humanity is facing today.

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DVA is a German multinational agricultural company that focuses on providing high-performance solutions to farmers.

DVA is a global chemical company with more than 50 years of experience in developing smart solutions for complex industries and markets. Our products improve yields, efficiency and quality for a better and sustainable future. A trusted partner of the global chemical, life-science and agricultural industries.

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1968 Founded400+ Employees20+ Locations700+ Products