DVA Argentina and AGM become ONE - One brand, one office, one team!

Finally, DVA Argentina and AGM inaugurated the long-awaited brand-new office in San Isidro/Buenos Aires and fusioned a new team of more than 60 employees. Almost all business areas of the DVA Group are represented, so that the new office now concentrates on the areas of crop protection and health and pharmaceuticals (health and nutrition). With this step, DVA Argentina has started a solid process of business unification and local identity creation.

General Manager Dardo Lizarraga couldn’t be happier:

“This act allows us to offer our customers and the entire market, a new way of relationship, better solutions, products and services with the prestigious German Quality, the Argentine warmth, and the support of a consolidated international and multicultural group with more than 50 years of validity. Thank you to the German Embassy for your presence and support to employees, suppliers, customers and friends for coming to celebrate this moment with us.”

The completely new equipped office will bring together the DVA team (Regulatory, ComEx, Indent Sales) and the former AGM team as the home to an even stronger unified team and a company that will finally integrate all its capabilities and talents under the same brand.

DVA Argentina is now perfectly equipped to meet the daily challenges of doing business in Argentina in the current political context. While many companies are taking a step back, we will not stop investing and further expanding DVA and continue to pursue and address its goals of integrating B2B and B2C businesses and realizing all possible synergies. This also includes the expansion of the Pilar R&D Center, which can now be confirmed. The mission is therefore clear: Keep delivering innovative solutions to its customers!

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Field trial and product demonstration

Agriculture is still the most important source of income and the largest economic sector in the world. In particular on the African continent, small scale farmers and subsistence farmers produce a large part of all the food that the population eats. They face the challenge of cultivating their land with rudimentary tools in the most effective way and often reach the limits of their livelihood. In addition, there is often little knowledge about agricultural land use and the use of crop protection products. For DVA as a company, assuming social responsibility means not only providing suitable products, but also ensuring that they are used correctly. This means correct dosage, compliance with safety regulations and application. To this end, we carry out field trials and product demonstrations on a regular basis in which farmers and distributors take part in order to share our knowledge with them.

Edwin Inziani from DVA East Africa is part of our Team and offers technical support and solutions to farmers with the aim to reduce their costs, improve quality and increase the output.

Efficiency and sensitivity evaluation after the use of herbicides for coffee

During our field trials we test the effects of our herbicides on unwanted plants such as grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds that compete with the plants for nutrient and water. These include weeds such as black jack, stargrass, cormelina, hyperenium and others.

For an optimal evaluation of the test results, the initial situation is recorded such as:

    • When was the crop planted?
    • Which irrigation system was used to irrigate the field?
    • When was the experiment last watered?
    • How much precipitation was there in this time.
    • Average temperature.
    • How large was the area?
    • What equipment was used.

After the experiment has been carried out, a toxicity assessment will be made, documenting the effects on the culture, among others:

    • Peak burns
    • Leaf distortion
    • Arrears
    • Bud burning

The square metre method is used to evaluate bio-efficiency, which is achieved by looking at the decline of weeds after each application. The sensitivity of the coffee plant is also taken into account. We use appropriate statistical methods and a simple graphical representation to ensure a scientific interpretation of the results.

The results of the DVA trials form the basis for recommendations to farmers on appropriate application quantities and techniques and contribute to sustainable production.

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Dardo Lizarraga announced as General Manager at AGM Argentina

Fasten seat belts and get ready!

With these confident words, Dardo Lizarraga approached the LinkedIn community and announced his new position as General Manager at AGM Argentina. Today they would still be small, but they dream big, and if there is something he loves, it would be to make dreams come true. It is a new stage in his professional career, with the same essence, his own essence, his stamp, his brand that always puts people first, the shareholders of the customer's employees and delivers the best for them all.

He will be primarily responsible for the organizational management of the company and cultural transformations. His main focus will be on agribusiness strategy and trade and sales management. In addition, he is responsible for strategic planning and control of supply chains as well as business relations with companies and associations.

Dardo is sure that more about AGM will be seen and heard in the near future:

"We will make a lot of noise in the market, fasten your seat belts and get ready!"




João Aleixo, Managing Director at DVA Group GmbH, also seemed very pleased with the announcement:

I am proud to be working with you again in the same Team.  You know my admiration for your leadership, your strategic vision and beyond that "making things happen" by always putting people first.


The DVA family warmly welcomes Dardo to our ranks. We are looking forward to new impulses and to mutual cooperation.

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DVA establishes office in Kenya

On the 31st of May 2019, DVA Agro East Africa was incorporated in accordance with the companies act of 2015 as a local subsidiary of DVA Agro GmbH. DVA Agro East Africa aims at extending DVA Agro GmbH operations in the East African Market space by partnering with distributors both in large scale and small scale sectors and to provide solutions in the life science competency of Agriculture.

The high values and ethical business standards of DVA Agro GmbH were adopted by DVA Agro East Africa. We want to contribute to the fulfillment of the market needs of East Africa by providing high-quality agricultural crop protection and plant nutrition inputs for farmers. Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of agricultural work by controlling pests and diseases and reducing nutrient deficiencies in the soil.

Objectives DVA Agro East Africa:

  • Ensure first class customer satisfaction by being in close proximity to our customers in order to provide all the needed technical and marketing support in the region.
  • Increase the brand awareness of DVA and the associated trust of customers in all products as well as product adoption and acceptance on the market.
  • Increase our product portfolio in selected East African countries and also grow our market share.
  • Offer quality products designed to give all of our customers value for money and improve the living standards of farmers.

Our high quality, registered products range from conventional insecticides, biopesticides, fungicides, herbicides, nematicides, plant nutrition solutions to acaricides. Our commitment extends to all agricultural submarkets in the various agro-ecological zones, ranging from plantations and wide choppers to flower cultivation, horticulture and forestry.

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Adjuvant Ziel - potentialize the action of agrochemicals in the crops

Ziel is an adjuvant with super spreading and penetrating power able to potentialize the action of the agrochemicals in the crops. Its perfectly balanced formulation between the best spreading power promoted by the organosiliconated surfactants in combination with the high penetration power in the leaf cuticles promoted by the Methyl Ester of soybean guarantee Ziel characteristics.


  • High penetration and translocation in leaf cuticles
  • Rapid reduction of surface tension
  • Super spreading with greater leaf coverage
  • Higher bioavailability of the active ingredient in the crop
  • The wetting action of drops retards evaporation, avoiding crystallization of active ingredients on the leaves (example: Herbicides)
  • Rain fastness


In addition, Ziel has anti evaporating action and it can change the pattern of droplets formation during spraying, controlling the size and spectrum of droplets. This feature provided by Ziel guarantees to the spraying:

  • With high anti-drift power
  • With anti-evaporating properties, protecting the drop thorughout the trajectory until reaching the target
  • That allows working with low environment humidity



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Facility - Equilibrium for spray solution

Facility is a faciliator for preparation of incompatible and difficult to be solubilized active ingredients in spray solution.

An adjuvant produced from renewable sources and biodegrabable.

An exclusivity and balanced formulation, comprising polymeric non-ionic surfactants, knew as APG (alkyl polyglucosides), with dispersing agents, anti-evaporating and sticker/film formers agents on leaves, ensure uniques features to Facility:


  • Uniform application on crops
  • No clogging on nozzle and filters during applications
  • Higher droplet penetration on crops
  • Homogenize the droplet spectrum during pulverization and increase the surface of contact
  • Raifastness



  • Tank mix compatibilizer
  • Anti drift control
  • Penetrating agent
  • Self-cleaning of nozzles and filter
  • Sticker and spreader agent
  • Dispersing Agent


Anti Drift effect

  • High anti-drift, controlling the size and spectrum of droplets formed during spraying
  • The drops reach even difficult targets (lower thrid of the soybean) with uniform drops, ensuring better covering of the leaves.

Cleaning of nozzles and filters
Wihtout Facility filters and nozzles have a large amount of residue. Whereas the use of facility prevents this deposit of residue.

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DVA Agro in the CIS states: A balancing act between politics and business

The expansion into the Commonwealth of Independent States has presented DVA with an exciting challenge. Although these countries share a common past, their members have undergone different political and ideological developments. The result is a wide variety of political systems which has a great influence on the economy and thus on the agricultural sector.

This initial situation makes it so important for us to work closely with local distributors. We therefore attach great importance to meetings on a regular basis in order to gain an accurate picture of farmers' needs and the situation on site. Together, we are able to develop individual Crop Protection Solutions to improve farmers' efficiency as much as possible.

The basis of our long-standing relationships with distributors in these countries is based on the pillars of reliability, commitment and quality at fair prices.

We create an environment that ensures an offer of competitive prices on the market despite fluctuating raw material prices. This enables farmers and distributors a better business calculation.
Nothing is left to chance. DVA products are put through their paces in our laboratories to guarantee the highest quality.

Reliable delivery of the right products is an essential part of our business. We know how important punctual delivery is for local farmers.

We stand by our partners and customers. That is why we are constantly striving to meet new challenges with innovative solutions.

• Registration of new products is a multi-layered and lengthy process that can take years. Our experts are therefore challenged to establish products that guarantee long-term efficiency
• Our Regulatory Affairs Managers must find how upcoming legislations can affect the market activities. This fact is taken into account in the planning and implementation of our business cases
• Experience is required for an optimally coordinated national as well as cross-border import-export service. Our experts know all about the requirements and regulations for efficient shipping anywhere in this area.


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New product label for DVA Agro

As part of the worldwide corporate design relaunch of the DVA Group, the product ranges are now also presented in the same, consistent and modern design as all touchpoints of the online channels.
The aim of the optimised design is to achieve a more uniform product presentation and differentiation through special colours. The roll-out will take place globally, with the locations in South Africa and Angola already using the new label designs.



Mock-up created for smartymockups.com
Mock-up created for smartymockups.com


We strive for an integration of all communicative activities, this requires the same formal use of elements from our corporate design. We therefore have adapted fonts and colours to the CI and placed our new logo more visibly on the labels.

The new label design provides all customers with a faster overview of the DVA product categories and product information. This includes instructions for use, ingredients and warnings. The emblem "German Quality" guarantees products produced and tested according to German quality standards.


A selection of new product logos from the DVA Crop Protection division:

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DVA with exclusive distribution rights for Lyckeby Keep products

Lyckeby is an association of over 500 Swedish farmers. Potatoes, which provide the basis for the starch products, are grown by the owners themselves. The starches and fibres obtained are used in food production.

The exclusive distribution rights for high-quality Lyckeby products enable DVA to develop unique and individual solutions for the DACH sector. In addition, technical support and expertise enable the optimal adaptation of existing products.

Lyckeby Keep is a special starch grade used in the manufacture of spray-dried products. The product can replace expensive proteins and gums such as casein and gum arabic.
It is characterized by consistent quality and excellent suitability as a carrier material. In addition, sensitive product ingredients have a longer shelf life.

Overall production capacity is increased due to the following factors:

  • Minimum of air inclusions
  • Less foam formation in the dissolving tank
  • Easier cleaning of the Tower
  • Higher output due to low viscosity

Lyckeby Keep can be used to improve texture and viscosity or to replace ingredients such as fat, egg or milk to reduce costs or allergens. There is a broad portfolio of specialty starches for a wide range of food applications.

Application examples

  • Fat powder is often contaminated with oil and has a low water content during emulsification. Lyckeby Keep increases emulsification capacity and thus production efficiency.
  • Vitamins and functional oils are expensive and sensitive to oxygen and heat. We use starch to protect them from oxidation and extend shelf life.
  • Flavours and fragrances need a dense protective layer to prolong their shelf life and mask the taste. Our low viscosity starch provides efficient protection.


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CRE - Customer Relationship Excellence by DVA

The DVA Agro team in Paraguay is constantly working on new ideas to make life of our customers easier and bring customer management in 2019 to the next level.

We are proud to present a completely renewed Customer Care Concept. We have not only internalized the importance of high quality products, but also acknowledged the significance of customers as the center of our work.

The industry faces the challenge of changing markets with a high degree of saturation. Added to this are environmental influences, increasing individual customer wishes and the public, which has become increasingly critical or perhaps rather sceptical. That’s why it has become the highest priority for us to understand every customer from the best possible perspective.

Planning appropriate measures is only compatible with our goals if we have a very precise understanding of our customers needs. Because communication is not an end in itself, but an entrepreneurial success factor for optimal positioning in the market for DVA.

The basis for this new approach is a precise distinction of customers into different groups in order to meet their individual information needs. Due to the current flood of information, we want to ensure that every recipient receives the information that is relevant to them. We will therefore plan and implement specialized marketing activities to meet our customer needs perfectly.

We have developed the concept in close accordance to our core principles and values. After a successful business year 2018 and a firm eye on the market in Paraguay, we believe we can take this step and further improve our service.