SPOCK (Piriproxifen) is a pyridine derivative with insecticidal activity by contact and ingestion that behaves like a juvenile hormone acting on the growth of insects presented in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate to apply in foliar spray. The active ingredient in SPOCK has a structure similar to that of insect juvenile hormone. Exposure to this compound at the time of moult results in the induction of insects that have mixed larva / pupa or larva / adult morphologies. Another property is that, in adults, they disrupt normal reproductive physiology and act as a method of birth control.



Label Information:

Safety Data Sheet:


dva herbicide

Active Ingredient:

Pyriproxyfen 10





Zucchini, squash, chayote, melon, cucumber, watermelon, eggplant, potato, jalapeño pepper, tomato, bell pepper

Key Targets:

Hazardous Substances Classification:

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