It is a foliar insecticide, composed of two active ingredients, emamectin benzoate and lufenuron. The first is an insecticide from the avermectin families specially designed for the control of lepidoptera. It works by blocking the nervous signals of the larvae, which stop feeding, become irreversibly paralyzed and after a maximum of 4 days, they die. On insects it causes a strong effect by ingestion and some contact activity. The second active ingredient is a growth regulator (IGR) of insects, which interferes with the synthesis of chitin, inhibiting the growth of larvae (especially lepidoptera and coleopteran). Applied on the foliage, it acts by contact (affecting immature stages-larvae and nymphs), ingestion and inhalation, in addition to having residual action on the aerial parts. In some insects it also acts as an ovicide.



Label Information:

Safety Data Sheet:


Active Ingredient:

Lufenuron 40 % + Emamectin-benzoate 10% WG




1 Kg


Peppers, Piripiri,Tomato, cabbages and others, Crucifers, Carrots, Eggplant, Potatoes, Beans, Cotton, corn, ornamental.

Key Targets:

Caterpillars, DiparopsisCaterpillars, Diparopsis chestnut, Helicoverpa armigera, Tetranychidae mites.

Hazardous Substances Classification:



Murray Edgar

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