Stemic and contact action, with preventive and curative action. Prothioconazole controls both diseases that are spread via seed, as well as those present in the soil. It allows a good establishment of the crop and controls those diseases that from the seed cause a decrease in the plant stand. It is absorbed into the cells of the target organisms, affected the biosynthesis of the sterol, producing a disorder in the structure of the cell membrane, ultimately affecting the growth of the hyphae and the elongation of the germ tube. It is the most powerful healing fungicide. Picoxystrobin offers practically complete biokinetics thanks to its rapid absorption, its diffusion in cuticle waxes, its translaminar activity, its systemic movement, acrobat it, its redistribution in the vapor phase and the protection of new organs formed, which allows it to be highly protected. uniform of the plant tissues treated during the growth phase of the plant. It has good resistance to washing by rain. It is the most efficient strobilurin.


Clorim 25 WG

Label Information:

Safety Data Sheet:


dva herbicide

Active Ingredient:

Chlorimuron 25




1 Kg



Key Targets:

Bristly starbur (Acanthospermum hipidum). Tumble amaranth (Amaranthus sp.). Common purslane (Portulaca olearacea). Common blackjack (Bidens pilosa). Wild poisentia (Euphorbia heterophylla). Climbing dayflower (Commelina diffusa). Morning glory (Ipomea sp.). Brazil pusley (Ricardia brasiliensis). Tal tick clover (Desmodium tortuosum). heart leaf sida (Sida cordifolia) oriental coklebur (Xanthium sp.). garden radish (Raphanus sativus)

Hazardous Substances Classification:




Ing Agr. Caima Franca

General Manager – DVA Agro Paraguay

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