Dardo Lizarraga announced as General Manager at AGM Argentina

Fasten seat belts and get ready!

With these confident words, Dardo Lizarraga approached the LinkedIn community and announced his new position as General Manager at AGM Argentina. Today they would still be small, but they dream big, and if there is something he loves, it would be to make dreams come true. It is a new stage in his professional career, with the same essence, his own essence, his stamp, his brand that always puts people first, the shareholders of the customer’s employees and delivers the best for them all.

He will be primarily responsible for the organizational management of the company and cultural transformations. His main focus will be on agribusiness strategy and trade and sales management. In addition, he is responsible for strategic planning and control of supply chains as well as business relations with companies and associations.

Dardo is sure that more about AGM will be seen and heard in the near future:

“We will make a lot of noise in the market, fasten your seat belts and get ready!”




João Aleixo, Managing Director at DVA Group GmbH, also seemed very pleased with the announcement:

I am proud to be working with you again in the same Team.  You know my admiration for your leadership, your strategic vision and beyond that “making things happen” by always putting people first.


The DVA family warmly welcomes Dardo to our ranks. We are looking forward to new impulses and to mutual cooperation.

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