Facility – Equilibrium for spray solution

Facility is a faciliator for preparation of incompatible and difficult to be solubilized active ingredients in spray solution.

An adjuvant produced from renewable sources and biodegrabable.

An exclusivity and balanced formulation, comprising polymeric non-ionic surfactants, knew as APG (alkyl polyglucosides), with dispersing agents, anti-evaporating and sticker/film formers agents on leaves, ensure uniques features to Facility:


  • Uniform application on crops
  • No clogging on nozzle and filters during applications
  • Higher droplet penetration on crops
  • Homogenize the droplet spectrum during pulverization and increase the surface of contact
  • Raifastness



  • Tank mix compatibilizer
  • Anti drift control
  • Penetrating agent
  • Self-cleaning of nozzles and filter
  • Sticker and spreader agent
  • Dispersing Agent


Anti Drift effect

  • High anti-drift, controlling the size and spectrum of droplets formed during spraying
  • The drops reach even difficult targets (lower thrid of the soybean) with uniform drops, ensuring better covering of the leaves.

Cleaning of nozzles and filters
Wihtout Facility filters and nozzles have a large amount of residue. Whereas the use of facility prevents this deposit of residue.

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