New DVA Production Plant in Argentina

Pilar/Buenos Aires, Argentina

In August last year the new production facility of the DVA AGRO was completed.
The location in Argentina allows us to further increase production capacities for the entire South American region.

Sustainable R&D plants help us to develop individual by crop solutions according to the needs of farmers and following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN. We have two separate factories, warehouse and P&D Lab well integrated in the same location.
On top AGM Special Chemicals stablish a dedicate factory to produce adjuvantes and foliae ferlizers.



Capacity: 50,000 L/D per shift
4 independent recipe lines
Products: Non-hormonal herbicides, hormonal herbicides, insecticides, emulsifiers and surfactants
All types of liquid formulations: EC, SC, by OD, ME, by SL.

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