Natália Gonçalves are honored at the CFQ Talent Awards

Outstanding achievements in agrochemicals celebrated: DVA Agro and Natália Gonçalves are honored at the CFQ Talent Awards!

On June 22, the prestigious CFQ Talent Awards, organized by the Federal Council of Chemistry to honor exceptional professionals and companies in the field of agrochemistry, will be held in Brasília (DF). This year, out of 32 applications, three remarkable companies and eight outstanding professionals were honored under the theme “Quality in Chemistry.” Among the winners, Ferbru Participações S/A, a subsidiary of the renowned German DVA Agro, took first place in the company category.

Ferbru’s research efforts focus on improving the efficiency of agricultural products and processes and are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Production Goals. The CFQ Talent Award is a well-deserved recognition of DVA’s commitment to addressing the changing needs of the industry.

Natália Gonçalves, Global Head of R&D and Adyuvia Business (DVA Agro), who placed second in the Bachelor of Chemistry category at the CFQ Talent Awards, expressed her pride in this achievement. Natália Gonçalves is a graduate of Unicamp and holds an International Executive MBA from FIA Business School and has more than a decade of experience in R&D Agro.

Natália’s notable contributions include the development of numerous technologies to improve agricultural products. Her inventiveness has led to the filing of 15 patent applications with INPI. By improving the efficiency and quality of agricultural processes, her innovations significantly reduce the impact on important environmental resources.

DVA Agro strongly believes that innovation is the key to balancing our growing needs with the planet’s limited resources. This relentless commitment to developing high-quality solutions for agriculture is instrumental in driving the agrochemical industry forward.