Adjuvant Ziel – potentialize the action of agrochemicals in the crops

Ziel is an adjuvant with super spreading and penetrating power able to potentialize the action of the agrochemicals in the crops. Its perfectly balanced formulation between the best spreading power promoted by the organosiliconated surfactants in combination with the high penetration power in the leaf cuticles promoted by the Methyl Ester of soybean guarantee Ziel characteristics.


  • High penetration and translocation in leaf cuticles
  • Rapid reduction of surface tension
  • Super spreading with greater leaf coverage
  • Higher bioavailability of the active ingredient in the crop
  • The wetting action of drops retards evaporation, avoiding crystallization of active ingredients on the leaves (example: Herbicides)
  • Rain fastness


In addition, Ziel has anti evaporating action and it can change the pattern of droplets formation during spraying, controlling the size and spectrum of droplets. This feature provided by Ziel guarantees to the spraying:

  • With high anti-drift power
  • With anti-evaporating properties, protecting the drop thorughout the trajectory until reaching the target
  • That allows working with low environment humidity



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