DVA expands its growth in South America through the acquisition of DBI's agrochemicals, foliar fertilizers, biostimulants and green line products

German multinational DVA always focuses its efforts on the specific local needs of farmers, whether in terms of product composition, application or innovation. With our extensive knowledge in this area, we aim to expand our business into markets with a high demand for modern agrotechnology. Bolivian farmers are facing climatic and economic challenges and therefore need trusted partners who can help them to make their business more competitive on a global scale and to produce more efficiently.

DBI's technological focus perfectly complements DVA's portfolio, as well as its overall strategy, which will allow DVA to contribute significantly to the success of the Bolivian agricultural industry. As of September 1st, 2020, the company will officially operate under the DVA brand.

DBI is one of the first distribution companies founded in Bolivia by a family of Japanese descent (Family Yamauti‘s). The company started its activity in 1998 and worked very successfully for 22 years, maintaining a close relationship with customers and bringing new agro-technology to Bolivian farmers through cooperation with global high-tech companies. The success has always been based on a trusting relationship between all partners at eye level, which is also in line with DVA's corporate values.

DVA's main goal for the next two years is to introduce high-performance German technologies that will enable Bolivian farmers to work more efficiently. This includes innovative technologies from our product portfolio such as: INCENTIA Technology (www.dvacropnutrition.com), Adjuvants, Nanotechnology, differentiated Crop Protection products and sustainable Biotech products.

Learn more about DVA Agro and the product portfolio.

Contact Person:
Jorge Butteler
General Manager DVA Bolivia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +591 3 344 1145

Negocios Online: Expo Virtual Alemania

DVA will participate in the Expo Virtual Alemania 2020. Learn more about the virtual conference at: https://expoalemania.com/

DVA Virtual: Digital Conference about Crop Protection Solutions

Join DVA Virtual! The Digital Conference about Crop Protection Solutions: https://dvavirtual.com/


COVID-19 Update by DVA

COVID-19 has touched the lives of so many in the DVA family, and we want to thank everyone for their dedication, empathy, understanding, and care. Our first priority – now and always – is the health and safety of our team members, supply chain partners, customers, and the communities in which we operate.

Always check with your direct DVA Partner in case of any doubt, they are prepared to support you. We also want to recognize the many people across our teams who have been working around the clock to manage DVA’s global COVID-19 response with diligence and thoughtfulness and all the people that have been managing the situation for such a long time. We are part of the most important chain in the world – the food chain – “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”, it is our responsibility to be a strong link of this chain and keep supplying to our customers.

The worst thing that could happen is a lack of food globally. Regardless of how long this global situation will continue we have the right resources to master the situation. No doubt that we are strong enough together to overcome it.

Keep moving the business, and continue to develop innovative products and solutions. GO FURTHER. TOGETHER is our DNA and we will never change it. Take care of yourself and take care of each other.

Ganesh Yanadi gets on the bus!

We are proud to announce the expansion of our agricultural business in Europe and the appointment of Ganesh Yanadi as General Manager Europe from January 2020. Ganesh Yanadi brings with him over 20 years of experience in the agricultural industry. He is a Global Executive MBA from IESE Business School in America & Spain.

Most recently Ganesh worked for UPL in Europe and South America. In his previous positions he has proven his executive competence in identifying and pursuing opportunities for sustainable growth. Negotiating win-win scenarios for diverse stakeholders has been at the heart of his success.

In doing so he has contributed growth, productivity and profitability to the companies he worked for. The appointment is an exciting new chapter for DVA and we are looking forward to have him on our team.

Improved efficiency for 30,000 hectares of land in Argentina: Auravant and DVA announce partnership

DVA's top priority is to give each customer the possibility to generate maximum yield and highest quality at low cost and with minimal environmental impact. In addition to our high performance products, we constantly invest in new opportunities to provide innovative services to our customers.

Together with our new partner Auravant, we are now helping all customers to detect plant diseases at an earlier stage to reduce yield losses to a minimum. We will start by analyzing over 30,000 hectares of farmland in Argentina.

Auravant offers an all-in-one farm management platform that pioneers the concept of precision farming, enabling DVA's producers and agronomists to remotely manage, control and monitor their fields using satellite imagery. It digitizes different areas of a field, identifies the variability of the soil in order to choose the best strategy to maximize yields, reduce costs and reduce environmental impact.

From now on, DVA consultants will be able to detect plant diseases and insect epidemics in field batches at an early stage and individually recommend the right product at the right time to each customer. All detected anomalies are reported immediately and will be displayed at the customers smartphone. We want to make this technology available to as many people as possible to contribute our part to the development of digital farming.

Together we will benefit from the big network in South American agriculture and keep developing the technology and create best practice models. Together we will change the way people work in the fields and revolutionize agriculture.

Contact us to learn more about our high-performance products and new technologies for efficient agriculture. Our team of experts will be glad to advise you. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, to stay up to date.


DVA invests USD 100 million in the Argentinean crop protection market

German multinational DVA has announced a $100 million investment to expand its crop protection business in the Argentinean market. With this new investment, DVA is ready to further strengthen its position as a leading supplier in the crop protection segment and offer further innovations to the agricultural industry.

Dardo Lizárraga, Managing Director DVA Argentina, on the company's future growth plan in the crop protection segment:

"After an initial investment of more than $25 million, a new phase of expansion is beginning in Argentina. The main objective is to expand local production and marketing of a wide range of products for crop protection, fallow land and all traditional crops such as soybeans, corn, wheat and sunflowers, as well as specialties such as citrus, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

With this investment, DVA Argentina will be active in both industrial distribution and direct sales to customers and will expand its growth channels through strategic partners throughout the country.

For more than 15 years, active ingredients for agriculture in Argentina have been supplied through the country's industrial distribution channel. DVA is one of the world's pioneering companies in this field and has established close relationships with international partners since the 1960s, long before the commercial opening of the Asian region. Today DVA offers a broad portfolio of more than 700 crop protection products.

The most important investments to date have been in human capital, product development and registration, and the acquisition and establishment of our production unit in Pilar, Argentina. Further major investments in infrastructure, the commercial and development team and brand positioning will follow. The investment will triple over the next five years and will far exceed the $100 million limit for fixed and working capital.

DVA's strategy will focus on microemulsion mixtures. This powerful technology with its efficient processing and low environmental impact gives the market a high added value. During the last launch, DVA’s microemulsions with 30% 2.4D were introduced to the market. According to recorded studies by the Universities of La Plata and Litoral, these microemulsions have the lowest volatility and phytotoxicity on the Argentinean market. Further development of the crop nutrition line will also begin in 2020.

The traditional and innovative product portfolio will be complemented by a digital agricultural platform for crop setting and monitoring. Accurate and digital farming is revolutionizing the way we work in the field and should be available to as many farmers as possible in a simple, agile and dynamic way. That's why this service is offered to DVA's partners and strategic customers and supported with training on a premium platform that already monitors more than 4 million hectares in the country.

It is not the amount of investment that is important, but the way in which the investment is made in the face of volatility and uncertainty. Even though the industry is currently under strain in terms of tax burdens, withholding taxes and wealth taxes, people are aware of and sensitive to this reality. As good compatriots, the employees of DVA Argentina know very well that the best way to make progress is to work hard and with dedication and to invest prudently and wisely. Every step should be a confident step forward.”


DVA Agro Paraguay took part in the 25th edition of Agrodinamica

DVA AGRO PARAGUAY was present in the 25th edition of Agrodinamica, the largest agricultural exhibition in Paraguay where the latest innovations in inputs, machinery and technologies associated with agricultural activities were presented at 6th of December. Agrodinamica is carried out in the South of Paraguay and is the meeting point for producers, businessmen, professionals, technicians and students from all over the region. In addition to observing innovations it serves to exchange experiences and ideas among Visitors.

The DVA stand was divided into 5 dynamics

  • Weed management with the DVA 2019 Herbicide program which preeminently presenting PREDECESSOR as tool for seed bank control.
  • The Seed Treatment segment where the perfect full 3 Pack (Bastion, Ascofol CoMo and DVA PRE Inoculant) was presented which is one of the most complete treatments for seed protection and nutrition from the moment of germination.
  • The Nutrition area presented Ascofol as a nutritional supplement from seaweed extract which provides more mineral growth stimulants according to each phenological stage of the different crops.
  • The Segment area of plant protection where diseases like the early management of Asian Rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) and end-of-cycle diseases were emphasized.
  • Also in this edition there was a station specially dedicated to Adjuvants. DVA products Ziel and Facility were concretely presented as an effective tool to improve the quality of the application and homogeneous mixing in the tank.

As usual, a fellowship dinner was also offered with all the producers and co-workers who were present. Many thanks to the team on site!

DVA Argentina and AGM become ONE - One brand, one office, one team!

Finally, DVA Argentina and AGM inaugurated the long-awaited brand-new office in San Isidro/Buenos Aires and fusioned a new team of more than 60 employees. Almost all business areas of the DVA Group are represented, so that the new office now concentrates on the areas of crop protection and health and pharmaceuticals (health and nutrition). With this step, DVA Argentina has started a solid process of business unification and local identity creation.

General Manager Dardo Lizarraga couldn’t be happier:

“This act allows us to offer our customers and the entire market, a new way of relationship, better solutions, products and services with the prestigious German Quality, the Argentine warmth, and the support of a consolidated international and multicultural group with more than 50 years of validity. Thank you to the German Embassy for your presence and support to employees, suppliers, customers and friends for coming to celebrate this moment with us.”

The completely new equipped office will bring together the DVA team (Regulatory, ComEx, Indent Sales) and the former AGM team as the home to an even stronger unified team and a company that will finally integrate all its capabilities and talents under the same brand.

DVA Argentina is now perfectly equipped to meet the daily challenges of doing business in Argentina in the current political context. While many companies are taking a step back, we will not stop investing and further expanding DVA and continue to pursue and address its goals of integrating B2B and B2C businesses and realizing all possible synergies. This also includes the expansion of the Pilar R&D Center, which can now be confirmed. The mission is therefore clear: Keep delivering innovative solutions to its customers!

If you want to stay up to date, follow our DVA Argentina Instagram and Twitter Account.

Field trial and product demonstration

Agriculture is still the most important source of income and the largest economic sector in the world. In particular on the African continent, small scale farmers and subsistence farmers produce a large part of all the food that the population eats. They face the challenge of cultivating their land with rudimentary tools in the most effective way and often reach the limits of their livelihood. In addition, there is often little knowledge about agricultural land use and the use of crop protection products. For DVA as a company, assuming social responsibility means not only providing suitable products, but also ensuring that they are used correctly. This means correct dosage, compliance with safety regulations and application. To this end, we carry out field trials and product demonstrations on a regular basis in which farmers and distributors take part in order to share our knowledge with them.

Edwin Inziani from DVA East Africa is part of our Team and offers technical support and solutions to farmers with the aim to reduce their costs, improve quality and increase the output.

Efficiency and sensitivity evaluation after the use of herbicides for coffee

During our field trials we test the effects of our herbicides on unwanted plants such as grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds that compete with the plants for nutrient and water. These include weeds such as black jack, stargrass, cormelina, hyperenium and others.

For an optimal evaluation of the test results, the initial situation is recorded such as:

    • When was the crop planted?
    • Which irrigation system was used to irrigate the field?
    • When was the experiment last watered?
    • How much precipitation was there in this time.
    • Average temperature.
    • How large was the area?
    • What equipment was used.

After the experiment has been carried out, a toxicity assessment will be made, documenting the effects on the culture, among others:

    • Peak burns
    • Leaf distortion
    • Arrears
    • Bud burning

The square metre method is used to evaluate bio-efficiency, which is achieved by looking at the decline of weeds after each application. The sensitivity of the coffee plant is also taken into account. We use appropriate statistical methods and a simple graphical representation to ensure a scientific interpretation of the results.

The results of the DVA trials form the basis for recommendations to farmers on appropriate application quantities and techniques and contribute to sustainable production.

If you have questions about our product applications, don't hesitate to contact us and stay up to date by following DVA at LinkedIn.