DVA Agro returns to Brazil and invests US$100 million in the agricultural sector

The multinational company DVA Agro, which manages the agrochemical division of the German-born DVA Group and specializes in crop protection, plant nutrition and special adjuvants for agriculture, announces the return of its operations in Brazil. With more than 50 years of experience, DVA has been successfully present in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, supporting farmers worldwide successfully. After pausing the activities in Brazil for five years, where it operated for 15 years, the division is now investing more than 100 million US-dollars to return to South America’s largest country.

In order to become a strategic partner for Brazilian farmers, DVA Agro is going to build its own research laboratory and introduce a complete portfolio of products in the areas of crop protection, such as soy, corn, cotton or fruits and vegetables, plant nutrition and special adjuvants, tailored to the regional needs. Besides hiring new professionals, DVA Agro also plans to install its own plant until 2023.

According to Joao Aleixo, Global Managing Director of DVA Agro, DVA decided to return to Brazil a little different: “We made the decision to have our own Crop Nutrition line, called INCENTIA, for this we set up our operations from scratch, including professionals, technicians, marketing, factory, pilot plant and R&D laboratory, in southern Spain, a region known as the “Silicon Valley” of plant nutrition,” he points out.

DVA’s expectations for the Brazilian market are very optimistic. According to forecasts, the country alone could be responsible for 50% of DVA Agro’s global invoicing by 2026. “Brazil is one of the pillars of the brand’s global strategy and also has great potential. We are returning in a structured and technical way. Besides, we have learned how to do business here, we understand what the needs of agriculture are at all levels of the chain, and we have defined our access strategy according to each specificity of the market,” says Joao Aleixo.