DVA Agro in the CIS states: A balancing act between politics and business

The expansion into the Commonwealth of Independent States has presented DVA with an exciting challenge. Although these countries share a common past, their members have undergone different political and ideological developments. The result is a wide variety of political systems which has a great influence on the economy and thus on the agricultural sector.

This initial situation makes it so important for us to work closely with local distributors. We therefore attach great importance to meetings on a regular basis in order to gain an accurate picture of farmers’ needs and the situation on site. Together, we are able to develop individual Crop Protection Solutions to improve farmers’ efficiency as much as possible.

The basis of our long-standing relationships with distributors in these countries is based on the pillars of reliability, commitment and quality at fair prices.

We create an environment that ensures an offer of competitive prices on the market despite fluctuating raw material prices. This enables farmers and distributors a better business calculation.
Nothing is left to chance. DVA products are put through their paces in our laboratories to guarantee the highest quality.

Reliable delivery of the right products is an essential part of our business. We know how important punctual delivery is for local farmers.

We stand by our partners and customers. That is why we are constantly striving to meet new challenges with innovative solutions.

• Registration of new products is a multi-layered and lengthy process that can take years. Our experts are therefore challenged to establish products that guarantee long-term efficiency
• Our Regulatory Affairs Managers must find how upcoming legislations can affect the market activities. This fact is taken into account in the planning and implementation of our business cases
• Experience is required for an optimally coordinated national as well as cross-border import-export service. Our experts know all about the requirements and regulations for efficient shipping anywhere in this area.


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