DVA with exclusive distribution rights for Lyckeby Keep products

Lyckeby is an association of over 500 Swedish farmers. Potatoes, which provide the basis for the starch products, are grown by the owners themselves. The starches and fibres obtained are used in food production.

The exclusive distribution rights for high-quality Lyckeby products enable DVA to develop unique and individual solutions for the DACH sector. In addition, technical support and expertise enable the optimal adaptation of existing products.

Lyckeby Keep is a special starch grade used in the manufacture of spray-dried products. The product can replace expensive proteins and gums such as casein and gum arabic.
It is characterized by consistent quality and excellent suitability as a carrier material. In addition, sensitive product ingredients have a longer shelf life.

Overall production capacity is increased due to the following factors:

  • Minimum of air inclusions
  • Less foam formation in the dissolving tank
  • Easier cleaning of the Tower
  • Higher output due to low viscosity

Lyckeby Keep can be used to improve texture and viscosity or to replace ingredients such as fat, egg or milk to reduce costs or allergens. There is a broad portfolio of specialty starches for a wide range of food applications.

Application examples

  • Fat powder is often contaminated with oil and has a low water content during emulsification. Lyckeby Keep increases emulsification capacity and thus production efficiency.
  • Vitamins and functional oils are expensive and sensitive to oxygen and heat. We use starch to protect them from oxidation and extend shelf life.
  • Flavours and fragrances need a dense protective layer to prolong their shelf life and mask the taste. Our low viscosity starch provides efficient protection.


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