3 Pillars of Success

DVA’s success depends on the personal commitment of each of our employees. Therefore, we encourage our staff to take initiative and to develop their strong points. You can be sure that we recognize your achievements. The success of our team stands on 3 pillars:

1. Diversity & Inclusion

Only a broad range of resources and ideas leads to true innovation. For this reason, we choose our team members from different backgrounds. As we are growing internationally, we prefer specialists with a broad outlook based on different perspectives and upbringings. As an employer, we offer equal opportunities and we do our best to put together a diverse team from all walks of life. Inclusion plays an equally important role in diversity. To make inclusion a reality, we have to realize it inside the company first. We strive to create a space where all voices from all employees can be heard, understood and appreciated – great things come from small beginnings.

2. Sustainability

DVA focuses on realizing sustainability in every step of daily life. Our key to implementing sustainable methods and processes is personnel management. We endeavour to hire the best team players. At the same time, we want to inspire our employees and encourage them to act responsibly for the future of the company and the planet. Together we can build a creative foundation for our work that promotes trust from employees and customers likewise. While being employed by DVA you enjoy special benefits and excellent working conditions regarding health, occupational safety and work-life balance. We know how important it is to be able to join family and career. Additionally, you will encounter a corporate culture at DVA that is distinguished by mutual respect, confidence, innovation and creativity.

3. Learning never stops

We support the constant growth of each employee. Continuous opportunities to reach new goals in professional and personal life are available for every team member. Our employees have many possibilities of in-class and on-the-job learning. We take care to equip every employee with the necessary capabilities and skills in a fast-paced world. At DVA it is easy to reach your peak performance.